Chapter 26 – Kidnap Her If You Must |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 26


She’s taking a shower and I’m looking at the floor with all the dishes and food on it and thinking how…out of my character I am right now. I would never do such things. Yeah, I’m an Alpha man and I do have a radical behavior with my temper. Hey, I do have Italian blood in me as well from dad. But since my baby came into my life, everything takes such high peaks in me that it’s hard to control. Fuck….

I fetch the files she signed for that meeting, as I now see the contents, and put them on the bed along with her pen. They’re not stained, thank God. I don’t want an outburst from her on me for that, thank you very much. For the rest, I’ll have Brent order someone to clean it.

While she’s still in the bathroom, my phone is ringing.

Dad? Oh man…. If he starts with my baby again…. Well…. Anyways.

“Yeah, dad?”

“Son?” He’s in his Mafia tone of voice and I’m tilting my eyebrows.

“Yeah? What’s wrong?” I’m shoving my left hand in my pocket, waiting for the good news I know he’ll give me.

“Heard you’ve been attacked. MY SON! AND MY BABY DAUGHTER! Lex’s men, right?”

“I’ve got everything under control, dad. We’re both fine.”

Brent told him…. He must have called Brent for my baby and he told him the rest of the events…. Yep. I’ll murder, Brent….

“You’re fine! Of course you’re fine! But what if she wasn’t what she is?! She would have been shot first! MY BABY DAUGHTER! MAMMA MIA! That’s why, I’m letting you know, earlier, that I’ve just whacked that son of a bitch. I couldn’t turn back the car and let things complicate. I know how they operate, son. We need no loose ends. Because of her doing what she’s doing, and now what you did back there, there’s war inside Mafia and she’s main target with you second. But it doesn’t really matter who’s first or second. Who’s found first is a living target for elimination.”

I’m shaking my head in disbelief and go sit on the bed.

“And I’ve seen my baby daughter…. Oh man! Mamma mia! She’s perfect! My baby daughter! And I have her complete files, son. I’m up-to-date on everything. Take that, son. Ha-ha! Son?” Yeah, he’s a tornado for the first part and for my baby part he’s in his dad and grandpa fantasies.

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