Chapter 73 – Snuff, Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 73


One man is approaching me, having a similar built to Davy and a strong motherfucker, with a devilish smile at me, dressed in black clothes.

So you’re the leader here…. Okay….

“So this is the infamous Raven….” He’s moving around me, sending mixed looks, among them a criminal one, a lustful one, a crazy one, a playful one and as such, having an Alpha attitude on me.

No, he’s not touching me yet.

“Everyone is so scared of this little thing? I was expecting some deadly woman, not this…teen…. What could she possibly do to so many of us and the way we are compared to her?” He’s mocking me.

Well, you were informed correctly…. You either want to play me, or you really are a stupid one…. We’ll soon enough see….

Yes, music is playing in my ear and it’s Lady Gaga’s ‘Love Game’. How appropriate….

“Mister? I’ve got a single question. May I?” I raise my right hand like I would in front of a teacher at school and acting like a fucking schoolgirl, in grimace, stare, and all. Like a fucking naïve one.

Smile, little fucker…. While you still can….

He snorts into laughter. The others are still silent and my agents as well. They’re breathing with ease now knowing I’m here.

“Sure, little one. Let me hear it.” He’s now in front of me and scanning me from head to toes with a smirk and like Davy said, his eyes twinkle-twinkle at me.

Twinkle, twinkle little star…. Soon Raven will twinkle, twinkle her dark star….

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