• May 14, 2022

Not A Member Yet? Then You Might Want To Read This… 😉😇❤💌🤷‍♀️🎉🙌💝🍾🥂

Hey loves! *popping hearts*

Because I’ve had a lot on me lately, I haven’t realized that this April the website has marked its first “baby” year! MUHAHAHA! And what a year this has been…. *wink*

Therefore! To celebrate it, I’m going to make a giveaway to all the new members. (So, not already subscribed members. Don’t pout, the already Baby Angels! We’re in the giving season for those who maybe don’t really have the means to obtain a membership. You guys already have lots of love from me, an overflowing one. *kisses*)

The giveaway chosen membership is the Baby Angel Silver one, giving you a 7 days access to all Members Only content on the website and whatever new chapter updates are made during your membership till the expiration of it, completely free.

Conditions for the giveaway:

  • You need to be at least 18 due to language and mature themes present in the content, or to be of legal age in your own country. Is it country restricted? No. As long as you can access this website from your country, you’re fine to go.
  • You need to become a Baby Angel Free member first during 15-31 May 2022. So, the giveaway is valid to claim it just by registering as a Baby Angel Free member at any given time between 15-31 May 2022.

How to claim it:

As I’ve said above, you need to first register as a Baby Angel Free member at any point in time between 15-31 May 2022. And to do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Join Us

Step 2.  Under the Baby Angel Free membership you have the Register button in red. Click on that red button, as you’ll be first registering as a Baby Angel Free member and have no cost to you to claim the giveaway Baby Angel Silver membership.

Step 3. Fill out the form with your desired username, email, password, first and last name, and tick the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and “I agree to the Privacy Policy”, and then click on the “Register” button.

No personal information will be delivered to third parties, and for this giveaway there’s no credit card involved as everything is free through this giveaway. But as a general information, members directly buying one of the memberships from Baby Angel Silver-Baby Angel Diamond, they’ll do so through Stripe platform directly from the website when they click on the “Buy” button under the desired membership. However, for you with this giveaway, you won’t do all that as you first register as a Baby Angel Free member, and the author will manually upgrade your membership from Baby Angel Free to Baby Angel Silver.

Attention when filling out the form: make sure you don’t leave spaces after your username and email address. Write your preferred username and don’t hit space or enter after it. You go to the next field by clicking on it to enter your email. When writing your email address do not choose the predicted “gmail.com” or so for the end of your email address if using a mobile phone. Write it all and don’t hit space or enter after it, clicking on the next field to fill out. These are common situations giving an invalid email address and such because of that, though your email address is a valid one. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but for the moment we can’t do anything about it, just to instruct you on what could happen and what to do to successfully register without problems if that occurs during your registration. Thank you in advance for understanding!

Step 4. Wait to receive an email from the website after you’ve registered with an activation link for your Baby Angel Free membership. Once you receive it, click on the link to confirm and activate it. (If you don’t receive an email immediately or soon enough from the registration, check your Spam or Junk folders and see if it hasn’t landed there. If it did, mark it as not Spam or Junk, and then click on it to activate your Baby Angel Free membership.) You will be redirected to the website with your Baby Angel Free membership active.

Step 5. Theoretically, your membership for the Baby Angel Silver giveaway should be done under 24h and maximum 48h. (Understand that all processes done on the website and on everything are done by one person only, ha-ha, the author herself! So, she’s always fast to process everything, but sometimes due to work or other things, you could face with some delays. Your membership can be activated in a matter of minutes to several hours and to maximum 48h.) But don’t worry, as you don’t lose on anything from the duration of your membership, as the duration of your Baby Angel Silver membership starts from the moment of its activation.

After successfully becoming a Baby Angel Free, wait for maximum one to two hours and then login again on the website to see if your Baby Angel Free membership has switched to Baby Angel Silver. If it did, you’re free to start reading from your favorite books with the chapters having Members Only tag to your desires, unlimited, till expiration of your giveaway membership.

In case you don’t see that change soon enough on your user page while on the website and it’s approaching 24h since successfully becoming a Baby Free Angel, you can send an email to lovestoriestarot@gmail.com from the email you’re registered on the website as a Baby Angel Free member and express your situation. Don’t worry, all will be processed with a bit of patience and then you’ll have free way and no hustle to binge read from the books! Thank you so much for your cooperation, understanding, patience, and support!

Oh! And always keep a watch on the “Announcements” section of the website as the author makes posts there from time to time for various things. That’s a free reading section.

In case you encounter any problems during registration, or anything related to this process for obtaining your Baby Angel Silver membership giveaway, please send an email to the given email address above and express your situation. The author will assist you as best and fast as possible to overcome it and successfully complete this process for your satisfaction.

And with that, this announcement is done! Ha-ha! Help me share the love with this giveaway on your social media for more people interested in this to have a chance to seize it!

And happy one year baby birthday to our Baby Angel website! Yay! *hearts and kisses*

Click on the Register below to begin your registration process for a fast reach!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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2 days ago

I’m pouting….😂 Love you too, love.💐💜 Please get some rest. Don’t drive the Baby Angels crazy. You’re human too.💖 I’m sending you an email soon. Check it out.


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