Chapter 16 – No One Can F*cking Put Me Down |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 16


Yeah, I was kidnapped back then. The fuckers managed to break in where I was under training, away from my grandma. They killed the people who were with me and fetched me while I was sleeping. They had sent the best they had to succeed all that. And they were going to ask my grandma a billion dollars to trade me back to her.

But they weren’t updated on who I really was. A lunatic kid, a special one, born to fuck the bad omens in this world.

How did they manage to grab the lunatic kid? They gave me a shot with some substances to keep me unconscious and not wake up till they would bring me to their location. The location was at that mafia boss, Robert Savanaugh.

No, they didn’t keep me long in there. Once I woke up and gasped the dangers around me, I reacted as per my previous training and began fighting them. When they came to terms that I wasn’t just a normal kid, only rich, they gave their all to fuck me in punches and submit me to them.

After I put down a number of them and made my escape, I ran into Jenna and the rest of it with her you know.

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