• May 14, 2022

Chapter 15 – He Was Crazy As A Kid, Now He’s Beyond That! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 15


“Drew? Wait a minute…” I take his hand off my face and take a deep breath, looking on the bed, as it hits me with all this.

He keeps my hand in his, though.

I raise my eyes back into his.

“Look. I was just trying to comfort you back then as you were a mess, and you were a kid in that horror situation. I wasn’t true to my words and I’m sorry to confess this to you. I did like you and you were in my heart, as you were a boy who received such tortures and possibly got killed. I was amazed by you with how you dealt with the situation, and of how intelligent and cute you were against all that had happened and your age. But you can’t take my words back then to a little boy, in those circumstances, and after years, to come and put them into action, Drew. If this is something you have felt obliged to fulfill to your promise back then, don’t worry, it’s not necessary. It was only a play and you have no word to cross from what you said. You were around twelve, Drew. You have an adult mind right now, and you can understand my then words and why I mused you with your wants as a boy. You can’t take them for granted for this moment in time. I was talking with a boy, not with a man. Alright? Let’s forget about what happened tonight. I understand now, though I’m still upset on what you’ve done from the club till present. We go our separate ways and end this. I’m happy you’ve been safe all these years and became the man you are. I’m proud of you. But you can’t ask me to do that, and we really don’t match. What I told you at the blind date stands all the way, as I was sincere with you. I’m not the dating or relationship type as I don’t want that with no one. Reason why I dressed like that, faked a silly me at the entrance of the club for the bouncer to kick me out and have motif in front of your grandma for not reaching the blind date with you. No matter the guy I was seeing, the charade from my part would have been the same. I’m a loaner and I love that.”

I really can’t do this, kid…

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