Chapter 14 – You Really Are F*cked In The Brains, Aren’t You?|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 14


Oh… Where am I? Probably in a hospital…

I’m with my eyes closed and in a bed. I bruise the sheets with my body movements, trying to open my eyes, but my heart is still giving me some wild beats. I take a deep breath and rub my face with my right hand, releasing a prolonged sigh. I’m dressed in my clothes, just my shoes and jacket are off me, and I’m tucked in with some fine sheets.

Since when hospital beds are so comfortable with expensive sheets? Even the smell isn’t like in a hospital… There’s a male perfume scent… Might be the doctor…

I hear like a glass being placed on a table at some distance from the bed. It’s like someone was and is watching me. I feel a burning glare at me. I creep my eyes but it’s dark inside, the only light comes from the window. There’s a bright moon outside.

I groan in my attempt to stand in a sitting position.

“I didn’t even drink and feel like I did… Shit…” I have a headache.

And without realizing someone came to my side of the bed, startling me…

“Are you feeling better, Kassandra?”

I take in the man with my eyes from his legs until his face. It’s Gilbert with same husky voice.

No, you didn’t!

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