• May 12, 2022

Chapter 71 – F*cking Alpha Attitude… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 71


I signal Rolland to end the call and he acts on it while she is yelling and wants to say something but the call ends. Everyone is with googled eyes on me for what I’ve said to her. I have a killer look over them.

“Oh! Shut up! I’ve never done such a thing! Little fuckers…. Rolland? Don’t answer to the bitch’s call.”

The incoming call is already on.

“Keep her on crazy and pained mode. Stop all connection channels with her. She’ll go lunatic and will start making mistakes. Keep searching for her location. When you have it, send it to me. She’s not going to win this. It’s a personal vendetta.”

I go to a nearby computer and access last mission’s coordinates and expand the territory around it. I get all agents’ houses that were hit and match it to the location area. It’s a web around it. I was right, she chose those around the location.

You’re so fucking stupid…. Same old, same old….

“Josephine! Send me addresses to the remained agents and family houses around the mission’s location! They’re having their raid around there. I’m sending you this to eliminate and give me active ones as of now! And start expanding the area to the list I told you earlier!” I turn to my agents who are ready for action. “Let’s go, boys! We need to fuck right now for old time’s sake! The bitch is going down….”

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