Chapter 67 – I’m Crazy, But Not All The Time, Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 67


“I should have come that morning like that, too…. Maybe you would have fucked the letter for real…. It didn’t cross my mind the contract was that solid and your dad so demented…. I do regret not doing it…. The marriage contract presented itself in my mind as a fucking shit, not deserving my thinking over it…. I would have given you guys the most perfect side of me…. Without embarrassment or such…. I can play any character I want…. And for how I was that morning, it would have been so easy to do so…. I was so fucked that it would have come so natural for me to give you the best contract marriage meeting ever…. You would have had nightmares for life….”

Yeah…. Picasso would have been a kid compared to the painting I would have delivered…. He, he, he….

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