• May 11, 2022

Announcement! 11 May 2022

Hey Baby Angels! *popping hearts*


  • Books already done on category description with Table of Contents, Table of Contents and Read Next Chapter Now on the free sample chapters, and linked chapters till the end of available chapters on the website for continuous flow between chapters: Billionaire’s Baby Runaway, Billionaire’s Baby Maid, Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary, Billionaire’s Queen, Young King Darkness, Billionaire’s Baby Tamer, Billionaire’s Baby Grinch, Billionaire’s Little Devil, Billionaire’s Baby Eternal, Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire, Shooting A Hot Billionaire, Billionaire’s Baby Angel, Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate.
  • Due to some unfortunate family events between 5th May and present day, I’ve been on a slow pace to process things, and I’ve only been able to work on Icy Shots On a Hot Billionaire, Shooting A Hot Billionaire, Billionaire’s Baby Angel, and I’ve just finished Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate to do all the above. However, most of the books had long chapters on the website and it would take time anyways, but I haven’t done it faster because of personal problems and exhaustion from all corners. I do hope I’ll be able to finish all this on all books till the end of this weekend, but we shall see how my health state will sustain that. Ha-ha! But we have a target, lol!
  • I’m glad you guys loved the previous background and header of the website, but it no longer “pleased” me, so I’ve changed it to the current ones as they “please” me more than the others. Muhahaha! This time, I shall keep the background as it’s a perfect sight for my eyes, and some of you already okay-ed it with love via emails, ha-ha! The header of the website is not *quite* “pleasing” me, but anyways…. We shall see on that later on…. Crazy sparks in my brains shall “electrocute” me to make the change when the time comes. Ha-ha! Jesus….
  • Because I’ve been a hot mess these days, I do hope I managed to see and answer to all emails I’ve received from you guys. If you still haven’t received an email from me to your sent one, please send it again. But I think I’ve answered to all of them…. Anyways, you guys know better if I’ve missed one or not, and if I did, send it again, and I shall see it to answer.
  • Thank you all for the messages of support for my personal situation these days. I appreciate it so much…. I’m fine, don’t worry. Moving on. And yes, I didn’t answer to DM’s, just emails. I’m sorry for that, but…. I needed to take my time because of the family situation and couldn’t do an instant messaging. I’m sorry…. But I’ve explained to some of you why via email. I promise that soon enough, I’ll reply to DM’s as well. I still need some *me* time till then. Thank you for understanding and for not taking it personal. You guys are awesome as always! *hearts and kisses*

I shall come back with another collective announcement for the books. Hopefully I’ll have them done by the end of this weekend! Ha-ha!

Enjoy your reading! *hearts, hugs, kisses*

Again, if anything, email me. Don’t worry about it. Just expect a bit of delay sometimes. You know I always answer to your emails as fast as possible, and it’s always a joy to hear from you on stuff! *HEARTS*

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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