Chapter 63 – Well, Suffer Some More, Sexy Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 63


Seeing this, I rest on the bed, curling under the sheets as I’m getting some shivers down my spine. Another reaction I have when I’m fucking exhausted.

I start yawning and close my eyes.

So good to be in a fucking bed…. I’m with my clothes on, but it doesn’t matter…. As long as I can sleep it’s perfect…. And having Davy for a Bambi sleep, it’s fucking divine…. Yep. Finally, I’m lucky, too, on some things…. I can’t wait for him to take me in his arms and have his warmth to go to sleep….

I yawn several times while he’s speaking with Desi, telling her I don’t feel very well, to not worry, and that he’s sorry we couldn’t stay more. He then says his last greetings while I’m almost breaking the sides of my mouth from my yawns.

When I hear he ends the call, as I’m with my back at him, I raise my left hand and motion it at him, without turning around.

“I want my blanket, pillow, and Bambi…. Come to bed, kiddo….” I can feel he’s smirking….

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