Chapter 62 – This Is The Drama Hit… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 62


Yeah, Davy is affected by all he has just heard and he’s staring into my eyes with a I’ll-kill-him look that flashes anger sparks.

I know, kid… Same feeling here, but I have no way to break free from his claws more than this…. And there are two suspects…. One I’m sure of, and a little fucker who might be behind Monroe’s serum…. Or maybe they’re working together as Maverik is working at the fucker’s agency…. Fucking shit….

He cups my face.

“I’ll destroy him. I’ll find the cure for it. Or I’ll make him tell me himself. Nobody does that to me or to my wife. I promise everything will get solved. Monroe is not me. You should have told me earlier, baby. We’re losing precious time to use my people to get you what you need. And see? If you wouldn’t reject me and speak with me instead, we could get things resolved faster. Tell me his name, honey.”

He kisses my lips several times.

He’s dangerous and a war will start for real between you guys. He’s now just teasing for me to get the message. If you get involved, he’ll retaliate more. You guys share same level on some aspects. He has power to strike to your side. I’m sorry…. I can’t let this happen…. I’ll deal with the fucker myself…. I’m at his mercy, but I don’t care…. When he’ll get enough of his sick game, he’ll just stop sending me the serum…. And puff! No Vivian anymore…. It’s alright…. I haven’t lived for nothing so far…. I’ve helped a lot of people and I have no real regrets…. I’m tired already…. I’ve fought enough…. And I haven’t told you my all side effects and problems…. I didn’t consider them important to tell as I was looking for the way to get out from this marriage…. You really don’t deserve a wife like me…. Even with the serum I might not live long…. I’m sure of that…. It’s like a drug that at some point, it may react as an overdose…. The doctors said that to me from what they could see and conclude…. Only me and Monroe know…. At some point…. My heart might not start again…. And your forever with me? Gone…. There’s no cure for it and the fucker knows it…. I don’t think he had a backup for this…. He probably just wanted to trash me and work for his agency for as long as I could do it…. And yes, I know Maverik works for him…. He has tried all his hands to get to me…. And still trying….

“Davy? No. Stay out of this. No.” I’m avoiding his stare now and he’s making me look into his eyes.

I won’t tell you….

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