Chapter 60 – Like It Or Not! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 60


Davy has the other one dizzied from his punches and mask down, keeping him on the wall by his neck. I don’t know the guy.

“Who the fuck sent you?! SPEAK!”

The guy smiles and takes the death pill from his teeth. He’s dying.

“FUCK!” Davy lets his body drop on the floor while the guy is convulsing in the claws of death.

They’re not easy ones…. It’s something big if he used his pill…. Something needs to get covered…. He was prepared to die if it wasn’t a success…. It’s not random…. It’s targeting me as Monroe said….

“Baby? Are you okay?” He’s worried in voice at me, but I’m staring on the floor, drowning in my thinking process.

When he touches my arm, by reflex, I punch him.

Shit…. I told you not to touch me when I have such things! I’m all instincts!

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