Chapter 59 – I Don’t F*cking Know Why! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 59


“I’ll have a pinna colada, hottie. David?” She’s on the chair in front of me and the fucker is seated next to me.

He has just placed his right hand on my thigh, and I slap it. He smirks some more at me, with a wink. No, he’s not taking it off me. He’s provoking me further.

DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME! FUCK! I’ll lose it at these rates….

I’m shaking my right leg at this point to keep it in.

“My wife ordered it. Whisky.” He motions his head to the guy to bring them.

The guy widens his eyes when he hears ‘wife’, smiles, and he’s on his way to the bar after he says ‘right up, boss’.

“Girl! Why are you so crazy again?! I smell it’s more than that…. Shoot! Tell me.” She’s lighting a cigarette.

I grab it to smoke it.

“Whoa! You little bitch…. He-he!” She takes another one to have. “David? What did you do? I feel it’s connected to you, though I know it’s not necessary for her to give you the attitude. My girl is crazy by nature….” She’s butterflying her eyelashes at me with a wide smile, smoking.

Yeah…. By nature…. And now it’s more…. Fucking shit…. If he doesn’t take his hand off my thigh, I might slap him with all these people around….

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