Chapter 54 – Lion King Is Roaring And Has You Captive… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 54


She’s a tornado on me.



“Let me go!”


“Don’t do this!”

Watch me….

“I’ll kill you!”

Kill me all you want….

“I hate you!”

I love you, baby….

“I need to go to Desi!”

You need to go to your husband…. Upstairs…. He, he, he….


It’s on, sexy succubus….



I’m already at the elevator, waiting for it, and saying no word. Just smirking and thinking about what’s going to happen upstairs, holding her tight as she’s using all her might to get down and her back punches on me. Yes, the staff and some people are watching the scene, but I don’t give a single fuck on it. The staff knows who I am, and I don’t need a card for my room as it’s the Presidential suit which is always reserved for me in every hotel I own, having access to it with my fingerprint. The staff can enter with a card to clean and other stuff. So, I have free way, all the way. He, he, he….

When we reach upstairs, and the doors open, she grabs the side of the elevator’s door to make me stop. She has a strong grip and I rest on the spot laughing.

“Baby…. Let go of the elevator….” Crazy little vampire…. My love….

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