Chapter 53 – I’m Exploding Here And You Don’t Care! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 53


“Let’s go home, baby. I need my baby doctor….” I smirk at her with a seductive stare.

She’s fenced, sending me a killer look with a labored breathing to match it.

Yeah…. Boil my heats some more, little vampire…. Boil them….

I wink at her and start the engine while she selects some booming music to focus on it and ignore me. I silently laugh and motion my head.

She’s the only woman in this fucking world who would react like this to me. It doesn’t matter to her what went on between us, she’s like her usual self, crazy and rejecting. She says nothing during our way home.

At some point, she receives a phone call.

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