Chapter 52 – You Can Go Crazy On Me There… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 52


“Well, I’ll leave Stevie in your hands now. Be hardcore on him. He can take it. He’s my brother after all.” Yeah, she hasn’t replied to his line other than this.

She has her psychotic stare on and devilish smile, fanging my back with her nails to my erotic pleasure. I hold in a groan. Whatever she does to me, resumes to this, pleasure. The fuck I care. She’s my wife and I’m taking pleasure in all her actions on me, no matter her intentions.

Yeah, baby…. Bite…. I can’t wait to bite back….

He nods and keeps himself serious and submitted.

“Sis…. I’ll be home in an hour…. I need the bed…. You’re right…. You bad sister….” He pouts and has a little brother stare on her.

He smirks now and backs off as she has made a step to slap him jokingly. Yeah, she has taken the nails fanging hand from my back to do that.

You bloody succubus….

“Let’s go, baby. Stevie? We’ll be waiting for you at home….” I send him a smile and a wink and take my baby by her waist to the exit.

She says nothing, but when our stares meet, she’s in killer mode on me.

I wink and smirk at her with a yeah-home-bed-love stare on her.

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