Chapter 51 – Fang Me Some More… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 51


“Fine, little fucker…. Come on…. Give me your best shot…. I’m not your sister right now…. I’m your worst nightmare…. And you’re not my baby brother…. You’re my target, kid…. NOW!”

He widens his eyes at her and his mouth shapes in an ‘o’.

You didn’t see this coming…. She’s crazy…. You know her….

After a delay, he goes in attack mode and throws a fist at her face, but she takes him by his arm and launches him over her shoulder on the floor with a boom when he lands.

He, he, he….

I motion my head and laugh, yeah, on silent mode.

“Stand up.”

He stands.

She’s with her back at him, straight in stance.

He smirks and goes in an attack at her back.

She rolls in the air and turns in a kick on his face, sending him on the ground again.

He says ‘ouch’.

I’m still laughing on silent mode.

“Ears, Stevie…. You need to use them and even a small fly must be perceived in a loud and crowded place. That fly that you must hear is either a bullet meant to hit you to your death or a silent motherfucker who wants the same, baby.” She’s moving around him again as he’s going back on his feet.

“Yes, sir.” He’s straight in stance and moving along with her now. His face is serious and has a lunatic stare, too.

Baby bro is learning…. Good job…. Make me proud…. Bite the little vampire back…. He, he, he…. My baby love….

“Watch my moves, my body, my stare, my mouth, my breathing, my hair moving, my legs, my every motion, even the smallest, but without losing my stare, kid. You watch, but you don’t see, as you have my eyes in yours. My eyes will give you all that information. Even if I don’t move them or blink, you need to read all that. Your hearing will complement your sense over my body movements. You need to perceive them. Movement is noise…. Movement is in your ears…. Before reaching in an attack on you…. Do you hear my moves, little fucker? Do you see my motion? Do you perceive my next attack on you?” They’re moving along, staring into each other’s eyes. She has just punched him, sending him on the ground again.

Baby? You’re one badass trainer…. Who resists your training and completes it, becomes one deadly asset. You are trained as I am…. My sexy succubus…. Fuck me some more…. Yeah….

“Fuck! I was almost there…. Shit….” He shakes his head and comes back on his feet.

Yeah…. You can’t become deadly before you don’t go through deadly training, little bro. Unfortunately….

“Do you perceive my next attack, baby?” She has just punched him again. Yeah, he’s kissing the floor for real.

Baby bro…. I’m sorry…. It’s not pleasant…. I know….

He spits blood.

“Oh…. Already giving your virginity, baby bro? Aww! Get used to it…. It’s not some hooligans fight, kid…. This shit is real…. The attackers are trained…. And trained to kill…. Not to fool around over some smoking hot pussy, little fucker…. Here we’re not hunks in heats over some sheep dolls to fuck, honey…. Here we’re not having the heated up Alpha balls of who gets the barbie to fuck first…. We do fuck each other…. The fucking stands, baby…. But it’s such an orgasmic hardcore bloody fucking that only the best studs resist, honey…. Your balls? They need to be of fucking steel to penetrate and mark what’s yours, kid…. Your blood and the other’s blood are testimony of the fucking…. It’s a rough fucking and can take long rides, baby…. Very long rides…. Ones which fuck your body on intense pain that you need to perceive it as pleasure and to fuck some more, kiddo…. And some more…. To keep yourself in fucking motion until the other fucker submits and you get the orgasm of win while he or she gets the explosion of death…. It’s such a sexual satisfaction when your body turns pain into pleasure…. You need to do that in order to keep fucking…. To keep your fucking dick up and fuck some more…. Like a nymphomaniac, baby…. She has no limits…. She wants it ongoing…. You need to give that to her, or she’ll kill you, little fucker…. Your body needs to be concrete…. Your body needs to welcome everything like it’s nothing, baby…. You like to have girlfriends and fuck…. Well, let’s fuck, honey…. The new way….” She has moved around with him all the time and now she’s attacking him and they’re fighting.

 She’s fast but keeping herself at his level and letting him perceive some of her movements. When he manages to block one hit, he gets the other one, but she’s keeping him on his feet, not letting him go down, to ride together in the fight and make him learn endurance.

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