Chapter 50 – Man! I Need To Breathe… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 50


I take her to where Stevie is training.

He’s on physical training today. A combination of martial arts. Baby bro is a fast learner.

When she sees him, she tilts her eyebrows, has a motherly stare at him, a wide smile, and crosses her arms, studying him. We’re at the door inside. Stevie is fighting a few guys on his own. He hasn’t seen us yet. She’s proud of him.

Yeah, I’m too, baby. He’s a good one. He’ll be a top on this if he’ll ever want to do this for real. Like his big sister over here…. My baby….

I’m staring at my baby with an extreme lustful one, smirking, hands in my pockets, straight in stance.

“Baby bro…. He has moves…. A bit rusty…. But it’s normal for him…. He drags the punches…. Lacks speed and loses on force…. He needs more leg work in rhythm…. And a faster awareness around him….” She speaks under her lips, moving her head to analyze him. “Well, if you really want to do this, kid…. Then, your sister will help you…. I see you do have passion for it…. Fine…. Let’s do it, bro….”

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