Chapter 49 – I’m Already Breathing Like A F*cking Lunatic… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 49


She continues walking, not hearing him, same stare on the floor and I with her, next to her.

She’s ignoring or really not hearing him….

I look at him and he’s not taking his eyes off her. I’m invisible in his eyes.

“Raven? That’s you?”

Yeah, she’s not hearing you….

She’s like no one is around her and she has stopped in front of the elevator, an arm length from Mason.


I’m in silence as I’m so fucking curious on this, though I would kill Mason right now. But for the sake of seeing this, I’m giving a calm shot.

Hearing his voice raised at her, she turns her head a bit into his direction and moving aside to scan his face. She’s with her back at me and has crossed arms since she reached the elevator.

“What?! Who the fuck are you to scream at me?!” She stares at him some more.

Not recognizing him? Hmm….

“Raven, come on, don’t you remember me?”

She turns around at him and scans him from head to toes and back, and he’s smirking at MY WIFE!

I’ll kill you, Mason…. Be smart and watch your moves and words…. What you know about her has changed…. She’s married…. TO ME!

I’m standing straight, with hands in my pockets, killer look at Mason right now, and chewing from my inner cheek to control some more. Yeah, my left eyebrow is up.

“Oh, yeah…. Little fucker Masey…. How was hospital last time, kid?”

He, he, he…. You little biting vampire….

She has just punched him to the ground without notice….

Man! He, he, he…. Bloody vampire….

“Forgot my manners, little fucker…. Hi….” She now turns back to the elevator, ignoring him, with her arms crossed. “Davy? Scan your fucking whatever on this and let’s go before I kill someone….”

My crazy little vampire….

I scan my finger and eye and the elevator is coming.

“Boss? I’m sorry…. I haven’t seen you….” He’s standing up, smiling at her some more.

Yeah…. I saw that…. Smile some more and I might be the one killing someone, Masey….

“Are you transferring Raven to our agency? I would so love that….” He’s scanning her.

I would so love to kill you right now as she’s my fucking WIFE!

“Little fucker? Can you just zip it? Your voice grates on my fucking nerves. I’m not transferring to anywhere. If you don’t want your ass in fucking hospital again or worse, I advise you, like last time, to fucking shut up and go on your own way, as far away as possible from me. You know I’m serious. Warning was flagged again as I do have a conduit, but as last time, if you don’t follow the warning, you’ll get fucked. Your choice, kid. I have no problem in fucking you. And you know I love it in blood. Suit yourself.” She has spoken without looking at him, just at the elevator, and she’s now entering in it as it has reached our level.

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