Chapter 30 – Trust My Balls, Motherf*cker |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Scorp

Chapter 30


“Yeah, what he said. I guess there’s no reason to keep things out of your knowledge after all you’ve seen and whatever. I don’t give a fuck for real….”

I stare at her all this time while Nick speaks and now her.

She’s not feeling well at all…. She’s sweating again and her breathing is ragged, but she’s acting like she doesn’t give a fuck for real. No, she’s not scared or anything. She’s in her warrior state, ready for action or whatever she knows that goes with the fucker.

“How’s my beautiful lady Scorp?” His men make way for him to come to us.

He seems young by his voice. He’s in a deep, thick, manly voice. Just like me. And he’s one handsome motherfucker, looking like in his twenties, towering and buffed, wearing a black suit and shirt, with raven-hued, short hair, and some bloody eyes. Yes, he’s got blood eyes like my baby has black ones. I guess it’s his mark as a demon. He’s my dimension, yes. We’re at the same level of physical appearance in built and height.

Oh! I’ll so fuck you in a few, motherfucker.

He’s like hearing my thoughts and he meets my own bloody Alpha stare. No, I have no blood in it, but you know what I mean.

“Well, he’s new. Hmm….” He’s snaking his head at me.

“What the fuck is your game, Leron?” My baby steps before me like a lion. 

“My game? Aww! I just wanted to see you, love. You never come on your own, so I needed to do something.” He’s moving a lustful stare at my baby! I’m fucking snapping in a few seconds for sure! 

“Do something?! You fucking created a war zone with fucking civilians, fucker!”

“Well, I knew you’d put things back in order for your side, love. You never let pure people die. Sorry for those in the explosion, though. You can’t get those back, unfortunately. Can we have our usual red wine while we chat alone, darling? I invoke the treaty between….”

My baby fucking shoots his fucking heart, but he doesn’t even flinch.

I almost did it myself, baby. 

“How’s that as an answer, Leron?” She places back her gun as fast as she has taken it out to shoot him.

His lips form a devilish smile and he narrows a psychotic look at my love.

“You’re pissed, love. I understand that. Let’s speak in private, please. It’s between us, no plain humans involved.”

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