Chapter 19 – Look At This F*cker And The Howling One Over The Phone! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Killer

Chapter 19


“Don’t shoot before we see who that is.” I order them, having a gun in my left hand and my sword in the other.

My heart is beating my ribcage and I get a bit dizzy. I’m not fully recovered…. But I’m fine. I’m hot in my body.

“Yes, boss.” They all reply. We speak in a whispering manner, a bit louder than that.

And when the footsteps approach the main door and before we have in sight the ones coming in, our guns lift in the air in a second, ready to shoot at threats.

I puff and roll my eyes….

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me….

A hybrid between a roaring lion and a raging bull, holding a gun in his right hand, pointed down, is searching my person with a hurricane dark green stare and locks eyes with my bull one.


I shake my head in annoyance.

He’s with hurried steps at me, scanning me from head to toes, and I lower my gun.

Yeah, I have drops of blood on my face and on me, but I have no cuts on my clothes, or gunshot.

“What are you doing here, Alexander?” I speak through my teeth while he’s raging under his nostrils at me, studying my eyes like a fucking wolf.

He’s out of his damned mind….

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