Chapter 29 – Who The F*ck Is This Sick Bastard? |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Scorp

Chapter 29


I smirk at my thoughts and have a predator to make love stare at my baby love.

“God, how I’ve missed you, sir…. Ha-ha!”

“Shut up, fucker. I haven’t missed your fucking face and fucker eyes.”

He goes silent.

She’s serious with a gangster touch in her voice.

“I’m hurt, boss….” He’s sincere.

“Like I give a fuck you’re hurt, fucker. I never fucking lie. And you, of all people, know that as being true.”

“That’s why I’m hurt, boss….”

“Shut the fuck up before I shoot your fucking ass.”

“That would mean love for me, boss…”

I turn my bull stare at him.

You really want me to fucking kill you, huh? SON OF A FUCKING BITCH! 

He fucking halts his breathing at my stare, but he’s honest with her. Yeah, you don’t want my true bull stare at you. You fucking freeze on the spot, no matter how almighty you think you are, and he understands not to take the challenge to measure balls with me.

“You’re itching for it, huh?” My baby threatens him.

“I was saying the truth and only the truth, boss. You only say to shoot someone’s ass when you care about that person. When you don’t care, you just shoot without any word before. That’s a form of love coming from you, boss. What am I saying wrong with this?” He’s like an innocent kid on the back seat while speaking, looking at her in the rear mirror. You can even see the angel wings and the fucking circle over his head. That innocent the fucker plays. No, there’s no angel wings or circle over his fucking head. Just saying that for you guys to understand the depth of his play to prove his fucking innocence before her.

Oh! You’re so dead, fucker. Soon enough….. Fucking watch me. THAT’S MY BABY!

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