• May 2, 2022

Chapter 28 – But I’m A Bringer Of Death, Sexy |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Scorp

Chapter 28


“I wouldn’t have given a fuck if it weren’t for the victims, Nick. I’m not back, fucker. But they will pay for doing it like this, in broad light, hurting civilians and creating fucking panic like at a fucking terrorist attack. I’m fed up with people getting fucked because of my fucking ass.”

The helicopters are ahead, leading the way for her.

These fuckers are heavy fuckers. They don’t care about what they act as long as they get back at her. This is not just a Mafia scheme against my baby. My love….

I’m wandering my eyes on her to see how she’s feeling. She’s a bit sweating, and she’s pale, but she’s on the mission, not presenting other weaknesses. However, my heart is eaten by a million fire ants because of all this going on on her and around her…. No matter what she is, she’s my baby and I don’t want this for her. She’s nothing else in my eyes than my woman who needs to be secured away from dangers and harm inside and out.

I saw she had the itch to shoot down the helicopters, but it would have meant to produce a massive destruction on buildings, cars, and people upon going down. Even her men aimed at the snippers and not the pilot or the helicopter.

“How are your energy levels, boss? It took a lot from you for what you’ve done.” Nick is concerned about her and I place my left hand on her thigh.

She contracts but she doesn’t go against or look at me. She’s taking turns at full speed.

I’m doing it to touch my baby love, but you’re accepting it for my energy, huh? Ha-ha! Oh, my baby…. She’s cold as fuck again though. Killing my heart….

I’m clenching my jawline, twisting my lips, staring at her, with my chest heaving. I don’t like her state at all. Yeah, even her pants are cold from her.

“I’m fine.” She spats.

“Baby? You’re too cold. Is this normal?” I’m caressing her thigh.

“Yeah. I took their deaths in me. Now I’m cold because of this. But I’m fine. It’s not like the coldness I had before from my state.” She’s getting on the highway with the choppers ahead of us.

Fucking Christ….

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