• May 2, 2022

Chapter 27 – F*cking Christ! She Doesn’t Listen! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Scorp

Chapter 27


“Shit…. They’ve fucking sniffed her coming back….” Nick is getting his gun out, looking out the window in front to see.

Who the fuck are you talking about?!

“I don’t know, boss! It’s been a bombing of some sort! From the agents’ cars! They’re hit! It’s a fucking helicopter shooting down!” 

“What’s wrong?” My baby asks, looking at me with fluttering eyes. It got her out of her sleep, yes.

“Nothing, baby. You sleep and recover.”

She’s looking around and Nick is assessing the situation, looking outside the car.

My men are down the cars and ready to engage, but the shooting is intensifying and coming closer.

“Nick?” She’s getting down from me.

“Baby? No.”

She’s ignoring me.


“What’s outside, Nick?” She’s looking outside with her head shivering. She’s not stable. 

I’m taking guns from under my seat with Martin and my other man, Kevin, doing the same. Kevin is the one driving, yes.

“They’ve been notified of your coming out of your cave, Scorp.” He informs her, looking outside.

There are a number of helicopters with snipers.

“Baby? I’ll take care of it. Come back and stay here to recover.”

She’s slowly taking off my suit jacket, staring outside.

“Oh yeah?” Her voice is threatening for what Nick is informing her.

There’s a fucking massacre outside. My men and her agents are shooting at the helicopters and they’re doing it back. Fuckers fall from the sky and from our side they go down the ground shot to death, with more cars exploding in front of the escort. There are civilians involved as well as we’re on the fucking road where there’s traffic and such, but our cars have been in line with sirens to keep it close and secured. Nobody expected helicopters though.

Fucking shit with fucking motherfuckers! Who the fuck is attacking us?! They fucking want war, huh?! Oh! I’ll give you so much war!

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