• May 2, 2022

Announcement! 2 May 2022

Hey guys!

Man! You’re so quick to notice on things! Ha-ha! I’ve already received four emails on this! Ha-ha! Oh! I love you guys so damn much! *heart*

And to announce for the collective (because I’m already getting pinging notifications in my ears from my email with each modification I’m doing on the website as it’s set to do, and I’m all ping-pong sounds among the music I’m listening to, ha-ha!), yes, I’m working on the books to create table of contents for each category (book) on the website to have a better reach to chapters and more. I’m working so damn hard on the website for the last few days to give improvements and be more user-friendly.

So! The modifications to be made (already done on a full book with already available chapters, and working on the next one till all books will be done, LOL! I’m already fighting severe dizziness, but never mind…. Ha-ha!):

  • On the free sample chapters posts on books, it will be the “Read Next Chapter Now” with the chapter number and title, ready to be clicked and send you to its content, placed at the end of the free chapters. Also, each free sample chapters posts will have the current Table of Contents for its book with current available chapters on the website (with the updating soon at the end of it as for when a new chapter will be uploaded on the respective book, so a refreshing on the table of contents will be done once a new chapter is on.)
  • At the end of each chapter posts on the books will be the “Read Next Chapter Now” with the chapter number and title, ready to be clicked and send you to its content, to easily navigate from chapter to chapter on each book.
  • On each book title category, there will be first its cover and then the blurb with everything about the book as seen at the beginning of each free sample chapters, and then there will be again the table of contents for the book, to easily navigate on the chapters (clickable chapters) and see the number of available chapters, having at the end of all this the posts with chapters for the book as you already know.
  • I’m not taking the books in order as they appear on the main page to do that, I’m taking them as I’m “called” to them first, ha-ha! So, yeah…. I’m currently linking chapters for “Billionaire’s Baby Maid” now, for example, as the rest on it has been done.

So, yes, that’s what I’m working hard on at the moment. Ha-ha! And you guys have such a keen eye, man! Ha-ha! Not all books have this for now, as I said, as I’m processing everything manually. Therefore, be patient till I’ll see the end of these tasks to perform, as there’s a number of books with over 600 chapters on the website, and I have to perform things for those over 600 chapters at 3x or so the number, and I’m only one person…. Ha-ha! But I promise you’ll be happy on all the above the soonest as the four have expressed by email a while ago. Aww! Love you guys so much! It’s always such a pleasure and happiness to hear from you! When you guys are happy with something, I’m also happy! *kisses*

Okay guys, that’s what I needed to say on this and confirm to others as well on this topic, as I’m working without stopping and I might delay with answering emails from this point on. Lol! But if anything, do send email with whatever you need to discuss, just that I might not answer as fast as accustomed because of this titanic work I’m processing right now…. Ha-ha! Jesus…. Wish me health and all that…. Ha-ha! *KISSES AND HUGS*

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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