Chapter 70 – I’m Sure Now I’ve Been Sent Here For You… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 70


The head of the baby can be seen…. And it’s blood everywhere….

“Babe? Call the number I’m giving you and put it on speaker.” I’m keeping calm still, though I’m having my heart in twists.

No, I’m not affected by seeing blood and such, but her state and the fright of losing her and the baby does affect me. They’re two innocent souls…. And I think she has lost control of the car because she went into labor just then…. I don’t know….

“Okay, baby. Are you alright?”

“Yeah….” I breath it out but I get fucking dizzy seeing both her and the baby like this…. I feel like crying inside for their fate, but outside I’m keeping my shit together, cold in emotions.

I give him the number to call and he’s dialing it while I grab the kit and search for some shots with serums to give her strength. They are some strong shit serums to take for a normal person like her, but at this moment, any chance she can have on life, it rests on these serums. It will give her a bombastic boost inside, a painful one, but it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a make it or break it decision in this situation. I’m going to try everything to save them both. I’m putting my trust in God I was sent here in my own madness to save them and that’s what I’m gonna do….

“Yes?” I’m delivering her the shots in the heart area when the call gets an answer from a male agent.

“Alexa Shawn! Alpha-98-Gamma-09-76-12! Send as fast as a thunder a helicopter with medical staff and equipment for a girl giving birth as we speak after she has been in a deadly accident! She’s at last mile of life and the baby is in the process of delivery with her without conscience! I’ve already given her some shots in the attempt to keep her steady!” And I give him the plates of the car I’m having. “Locate it and come here fast!”

I’m yelling as the baby is continuing its process of coming out, obviously, but in a slow process, and I don’t know how to help the baby in this state, as I can’t tell the mother to FUCKING PUSH! THE BABY CAN SUFFOCATE! I DON’T FUCKING KNOW ANYMORE!

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