Chapter 68 – Look At How Your Wife Is Acting, Baby Boy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 68


“Baby?” Riley is probably leaning his head at me as I’m fucked, breathing in torments, with my eyes fixated in Klaus’s now panicked eyes as he’s probably thinking I’m having a new reaction on me from the fucking toxin.

“Alexa? What’s wrong?” Klaus is making the step to me as I probably look anything but good.

Riley’s hand goes to my cheek to turn my face at him, but I slap it.

“Nothing! Don’t touch me…. I’m having fucking issues right now….” I turn around, yanking myself from Riley, and with angry steps, I inch to the fucking door, open it with a slam of it on the fucking wall, and get out.

Jasper and Sean are waiting on the fucking hallway in here, and at my sight, they take the ‘at orders’ pose before me, but both sporting some happy smiles at me.

“Sir!” Both say at once.

“Whatever!” I get past them, all pissed off and trembling like a fucking jelly.

“Baby!” Riley is following me, but I increase my footsteps to not get grabbed by him as I need fucking ALONE TIME to fucking DIGEST THE FUCKING NIGHTMARE! NEW NIGHTMARE ON ME! PEACHES!

“Don’t touch me! Don’t follow me! I need a moment to myself! It’s bad! So bad!” I’m walking along the wide corridor, hoping it will lead me to the fucking exit of this house, as I need fresh air! “I’ve had enough on me as it was! Now I have added shit! And two, unborn, souls that are going to get the hits with me! Those fucking serums aren’t easy to take even for me! But for them! I’M GOING FUCKING CRAZY RIGHT NOW!”

I spot the staircase, and I yell that last part taking down the fucking stairs, more like running down the stairs, to get the fuck out of here!

Yes, he’s running after me and doing his yelling now! But I ignore it and continue going down the stairs without looking back, and I’m in such fucking dizziness in my head, seeing less and less, but I won’t go down this time! THE FUCK I WILL!

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