Chapter 64 – What Was Impossible To Happen… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 64


A dizziness wave wakes me up, and I open my eyes with a low breathing and my heartbeats trooping on the monitors.

“Honey!” He’s helping me to stand into a sitting position as I want.

“I’m fine…. Pear juice…. BRING ME THAT PEAR JUICE! NOW! I WANT IT! FAST!” I’m like a night creature in stare at them, breathing the like, feeling like I’ll faint again if I don’t have that with light speed.

They’re all blocked at me with some popped eyes as I’ve never reacted like this, that’s true.

“Randy!” Mr. Danger has a comeback and shouts at him.

“I’m going!” He fucking dashes to bring me that damn juice.

“Pear juice?” Klaus deadpans at me from behind his glasses and I shrug my shoulders.

“I need that. I’m fine.” I’m unplugging things off me from the monitors and Riley is helping me. “I’m having it in my fucking mouth and nose, and I’m seemingly addicted to it just like that. I have no explanation to give, but if I don’t have it quickly, I’m going down again. Thank you, baby.” I’m giving him last cable to put it off somewhere.

“My baby….” He’s kissing my temple. “You’re fucking killing me…. My heart is fucking torn into fucking pieces.” He’s turning with the cable and puts it on the nightstand.

Klaus takes off his glasses and rubs his nose between his eyes with his eyes shut and a prolonged sigh.

“Then it’s true, huh?”

Both me and baby danger….

“What is true and what was impossible to happen?” We look back at each other and smile for both emanating same words and questions at the same fucking time. Ha-ha!

“You meanie baby….” He’s kissing my lips with a satisfied smirk.

You baby danger…. Aww! I love you so much….

Klaus chuckles and puts back on his glasses.

“Why would I be surprised with such specimens as a genes foundation?”

Both me and Riley look back at him with surprised stares to understand to which direction he’s referring to. I mean, for both having same reaction and words, or what?

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