Chapter 62 – To No Avail… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 62


Riley sits me at the table next to him and he takes a seat as well, kissing my temple.

However, the moment I fucking pick up the food smell, I feel like throwing up, so I’m clenching my jawline, moving my stare aside on the table where there’s no food in sight, and I gulp the river of saliva flowing in my mouth.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Mom asks me and I grab the whisky glass from Riley’s side of the table and take a quick sip to counterattack the wave of throwing up, hopefully.

Everyone is silent and all eyes are on me, obviously. I don’t even want to look at Riley who’s already with killing urges on poor Klaus. He’s with his burning hand on my back.

“Honey? You’re changing colors at face…. What’s going on?” He’s looking at me at my right and I’m avoiding his stare, shaking my head with a smile, placing the glass back in front of him.

“Nothing, mom. I’m just tired and I’m on a strict diet lately to lose some weight. I can’t eat after five in the afternoon for a while. I’m fine, honey.” I look at mom with as a genuine smile as I can but it’s fake and though I reply to Riley as well, I don’t even glance at him.

I’m covering myself up, but I’m having a monster ravaging me inside in shivers down my spine, my stomach messed up in the need to throw up, my heart is bombing a bit my chest, and I’m getting a bit cold but at the same time I’m about to fucking sweat from how I’m feeling.

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