Chapter 61 – My Baby Boy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 61


I’m laughing without ability to fucking stop! I don’t know what got over me with all this amusement, but I really can’t help it! And baby danger is so fucking freaked out but trying to not show it that much! Ha-ha!

Dad is silent, looking at me in his cop stare for a quick check. He never panics outside anymore as he fucking knows the hell out of me. He’s aware of which signs would flag me as a red code. And I’m in no red code at this moment.

Mr. Danger is still to get used to me and learn the signs, hence his reaction, more now after my dead period.

I can’t say I feel peaches all in all, but you guys know what I mean. I’m as fine and as normal as I can be, able to function ‘normally’ to not raise suspicions before one like mom, for example. I might be a tad pale under all this laughter and now red cheeks from it, but I can blame that before mom on not eating much and such. Well, not that I would fucking lie to her with it, right? As a fact, I haven’t eaten in one fucking month, so…. Yeah.

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