• May 1, 2022

Chapter 60 – I’m Containing Myself… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 60


“But you went to the stables before the fucking race, son! I saw it! You did! You looked at all the fucking horses and talked with the owners! I saw it on the cameras! And then you went off and sent your men to place your fucking one billion dollars bet! And that fucking race was sponsored by one of your fucking companies! LIKE, COME ON! You son of a bitch…. The pain you put me through back then…. Oh! I would have killed you slowly and in such, such pains, son…. Oh….”

I’m laughing in fucking tears to see him so pissed and disappointed he couldn’t get the bad guy by his assumptions and cop instincts and skills!

No, I didn’t know for real I was monitored and had a fucking massive investigation on my fucking ass in the shadows. Dad is one skilled motherfucker. Even a ghost is perceivable, but he fucking wasn’t! Ha-ha!

I have a whole set of skills, man. Among them is to sense when someone or something is lurking around me. I get it in my fucking guts. Not that I have something to hide, but I always have the instinct, the alarm someone is inching on silent on my footsteps or around me and my businesses. But dad and his ARMY of men? Fuck no. Ha-ha!

Oh, dad…. I wish I could see you back then and amuse myself on a cop’s failed attempts to nail me down…. Ha-ha! None can ever nail me down, dad. I might be a bad fucker, but I’m a clean one. I always know what I’m doing. And I never do something bad to good people or good situations or businesses. That’s why, even without my knowledge of someone scooping around me, I have no fucking worry of something legal to really go against me. Even if something is launched on me, I always win. Ha-ha! I’m the motherfucker I am at the end of the day…. Riley Kovac is unbreakable, dad. I made sure to reach to that level and stay there….

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