• May 1, 2022

Chapter 58 – Killing Machine Mode… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 58


One month of demonic pain in my heart and soul…. I’ve been crushed and crushed some more…. Never, in my life, have I suffered the way I’ve done it this past month with my baby love. This time, she has run away from me in the cruelest way possible. In death. I don’t own a fucking heart anymore….

When I took her in my arms back then, I felt she was letting herself go, but what I perceived as a faint or just exhaustion, was in fact my baby closing her eyes and relaxing her body in death. None of us had expected to be that bad for my baby once she had recovered, but it was….

We had war with agents in that fucking agency till we got out both my baby and my now son, Alex, in safety as in nothing more to touch my baby, and nothing to touch my son. It ended in a bloody massacre which of course the motherfucker me with my men and her men won.

I then took my baby to her hotel as Jasper had proposed, for they had in there backup serums for her. We reached there with Sean staying with me in the back of the limo using last shots he had stocked in his car on my baby, but without success.

At the hotel, Jasper told us he had called the doctors to redirect their arrival to her room in the hotel. Till they fucking arrived, Jasper and Sean and I stayed on her with the shots they had there for her and CPR, and other medical equipment to be used in emergency situations. Nothing. She went livid before my fucking eyes…. She was dead-dead. I screamed my lungs out and cried on her….

Then, I flipped in my fucking mind out of pain, went in a killing machine mode, left her with Jasper and Sean and others of her men and mine, with Alex as well, to wait for the fucking doctors and dad who was coming there as well, and I started hunting with my own people.

Shackora Dragon raged as never before. I killed 9 Yakuza heads that day and armies of their men. No one had mercy from me. Not even a single soul. The massacre from the agency had been a little kid compared to what I did later with the Yakuza. To put it in a line of simple words, you could say that Japan was in “mourning” from how many fuckers I had killed that day to pay for my baby wife.

And yes, all those 9 Yakuza heads were connected to Benjiro and Dao and the rest of fuckers related to my baby’s case. I never fucking kill someone just because I need to fucking chill from something else bothering me. They died to pay for their deeds on my baby and helping fuckers to inject her with another dose of that fucking toxin.

When I returned in the fucking hotel after finishing the first stage of the war, dad was there with Alex sleeping on him as he didn’t want to leave Alexa’s side at all, so dad allowed him to be there and not send him from there with other people. He would scream and cry if someone would tell him to go with them out of the premises having my baby love….

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