Chapter 57 – Poor Daddy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 57


“So, I started with some boiling and vindictive thirst the investigations on my now son, surrounding his ass from all corners with an army of detectives and agents to dig in the Kovac empire, on both official businesses and underground Mafia Boss. I was breathing at the back of his head. Ha-ha!” Dad is laughing with a throw of his chin, enjoying the story.

I’m sure you were breathing at the back of his head, dad. Ha-ha! I fucking know your ass…. I said Sherlock Holmes is a baby kid compared to you. Muhahaha!

A woman from the staff is bringing whisky on the rocks to Riley and a juice of something for me. I think it’s a pear juice for me.

I thank the woman and take a sip as I’m so damn thirsty.

She smiles at me with a nod and then excuses herself. She’s in her late thirties by the looks of her.

Riley is smirking at dad with a light shake of his head, drinking from his whisky, having his arm around my shoulders and caressing my arm.

“I always feel such things around me, dad. But that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t.” Riley chuckles at him and dad is in a satisfied grin at his words, with some blast of fireworks in his dark blue eyes. Riley is sincere with what he’s saying.

Yes, dad is a silent cat around criminals. When you see his face, it’s already too late. You’re already pinned down, with no fucking escape.

“Of course you didn’t, son. I’m fucking Charles Shawn, not some rookie bastard, baby boy.” He winks at Riley and Mr. Danger snorts into laughter like a son before his dad.

I see you two are already in a real father and son bond…. I’m in awe…. This motherfucker did it. He fucking conquered my dad as promised. Fucking amazing…. Mom first conquer, dad second…. I feel betrayed by my parents now…. Ha-ha!

“Anyways. We first started with all your official businesses to see if they connect to your mafia activity. We spent months on all of it because you have quite the empire, son. Nothing fishy came up. That burned my sanity. I was like, this fucking kid is so damn smart to cover up everything and look clean into the tiniest detail. The cop in me was so damn frustrated…. It challenged my intelligence. But the more I raged into finding something, the more it came out perfect and nothing mafia-like. That was such a KO to my fucking balls….” He’s motioning his head to his words to show how painful it was to his balls. Ha-ha!

Oh, daddy! I bet you were down in pains and revenge! Muhahaha! My dad felt stupid for the first time in his life, huh? Ha-ha! Oh man…. Poor daddy….

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