Chapter 56 – That’s True Love… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 56


“Dad….” As I said, I’m waiting for his yelling, prepared to my core to have a fucking physical fight with my own dad, not fight in the real sense, but to block him from a clash with Riley the second he sets loose on that.

Everything from this point on rolls in slow motion before my eyes because I’m so hurt inside from the fucking one month and what that toxin worked in me, because I had mom go off like that on high blood pressure with me as main reason, and now seeing dad like this which I knew he would have as reaction, but I wished to not have this right now, don’t you think? But no, why not have it all in one day, right? Alexa Shawn is fucking Alexa Shawn, and she can take the worst out there and more without a fucking problem, right? Jesus….

And he’s moving, lifting his hands, and he’s coming towards me in a…tight hug? I’m blocked for a second or two, unable to put the pieces together and consider it as real.

“How does my baby daughter dare to play dead for a month, huh?”

He’s pushing down his need to cry by his voice, but his breathing is ragged now.

He knows…. Oh God…. He knows…. Oh, dad…. I’m so sorry….

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