• April 30, 2022

Chapter 55 – How Dare You… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 55


The tension building up in me because of dad’s presence here is like I’ve never had in my life. Well, I’ve never done things like this to feel ‘bad’ before my dad, or mom. No, I don’t regret any decision. I love Riley and I know he’s the one and only for me. I will take a stand before dad if it reaches to that. And I’m sure mom will jump on dad’s ass to protect her precious son who now made her a happy grandma as well.

Riley is feeling my tensing up and he tightens me on him, kissing my temple and whispering to my ear while we’re stepping down the stairs with my heart giving KOs to my fucking throat, because I can figure out how my dad would react compared to mom. Oh boy…

“I said not to worry, baby. We’re buddies already. He considers me his son. I told you I’ll never put you in the position of choosing between me and them. We’re a family as you want. I love you….”


I snap my surprised stare at his words, and he smiles with a wink, giving me a kiss on my lips.

I’m fucking panting, walking, believing and not believing him on dad. I’m getting fucking dizzy again, sign I’m still not that recovered, just more restored. But I’m fine and looking normal outside with Riley keeping me on the line by holding me with his right arm around my waist.

“Yes, honey.” Dad is in his smiling voice. Maybe Riley isn’t just saying that to calm me down….

Well, he has no reason to lie, and I can see he hasn’t lied, but you know what I mean. Dad fucking hates Mafia like the fucking Devil hates holly water, so that you can understand what I’m saying over here. That’s why I’m confused and not totally accepting that dad has given a green light to Riley that easy. He’s not mom. No, sir.

And if Riley really achieved that, the fuck I know how he’s done it, man. Dad? MUHAHAHAHA! You need fucking actions, man, heavy ones, incredible ones, to prove yourself to him and fucking bend and ‘accept’ a mafia, MAFIA BIG HEAD, as his son-in-law. And even that way, chances are slim to make him grant you a ‘chance’ but to agree to the whole shazam. Fuck yes.

I’m kind of shocked on the news, to be honest. But I’m hearing dad calm and joyful at some levels. This could either be what it seems, that he’s cool with everything, or he’s playing before mom, seeing her in that bad state and not wanting to provoke a bad episode on her she couldn’t handle with her blood pressure and heart condition. So, see? I’m confused and not believing yet, as I can’t.

“My grandson is so handsome! Aww!” Mom is adoring Alex with some more kisses, hugging him and dad is beaming at them, sitting on the armchair opposite to the sofa where they are, with a glass of whisky in his right hand and with his leg crossed over the other.

Oh, dad…. Just don’t yell at me…. I can’t take more yelling at me…. I’m already fucked in my brains…. Pretty please, dad?

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