Chapter 53 – You’re Set To Kill Me…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 53


After flashing me with a smile of heavenly bliss, a halt in breathing, and popped eyes to hear my answer, Alex grabs my hand and guides me to his bedroom upstairs, with Riley chuckling and walking on our footsteps.

Once in his bedroom, which is decorated exactly for an eight-year-old billionaire son, with a wide room and all you can think and not think of would exist in here, Alex lets go of my hand and rushes to a shelf with books.

“Can you read from this for me? Riley-san hasn’t finished this one for me!” He’s so excited, stretching with his tongue aside to reach that story book for kids he wants me to read from.

“Let me help you, baby.” I beam at him and fetch the book he wants.

It’s a double translated one, English-Japanese, with a bear family.

Mr. Danger took his daddy duty all the way, huh? Ha-ha! Oh, this baby bastard….

I smile at my thoughts, perusing the book a bit.

“Thank you, Alexa! Let’s go on the bed!” He takes hold of my hand and drags me to the bed.

“Alright, baby. Hop in the bed and I’ll read it for you.”

My heart is in beat tired rumbles, but it’s a “sweet” tiredness now because I’m on the recovery mode, and both Alex and Riley are making me feel good and energize me with positive energy. I don’t feel like an alligator chewing for my heart anymore, so all is good, right? Ha-ha!

He hops in the bed, waiting for me to do the same, which I do. I take him in my arms with the book and cover us with the duvet, laying comfortably and ready for a night story, which is quite the morning one, but anyways. If baby boy wants a story for bed to fall asleep, who am I to refuse the cuteness, right? Ha-ha!

Alex is flipping pages to where Riley has stopped reading to him, and I realize Riley is in the doorstep, looking at us.

I lock stares with him and point with my head for him to leave us alone.

He shakes his head with a smirk he doesn’t want to.

Get out and let us read. Go and chill. I’m fine.

I frown at him and jerk my head for him to leave.

He’s frowning back with another shake of his head. He’s still afraid I might go bye-bye again.

We’re now in a fired-up battle of stares, with me chewing from my left cheek and showcasing my lunatic stare at him to get the fuck out and close the door behind him, and he’s twisting his lips, crossing his arms, with a demented stare he’s not getting the fuck out and shut the door behind him.

After some more of such exchange of crazy ass stares and head gestures from both of us, he sighs with another shake of his head, and I display a triumphant smirk for I’ve won the argument. Muhahaha!

“Here, Alexa. This is where Riley-san has stopped with it.” He’s pointing at the text on the page with images, looking on it all this time.

“Alright. After that story, you go to sleep, bad boy. Okay? You don’t have much till you need to wake up for breakfast and school. Good night, Alex.” Riley smiles and winks at him, and Alex beams at him.

“Yes! Good night, dad!” And he goes back with his hungry eyes on the page staying in my embrace like a purring kitten. Ha-ha!

Riley smirks at him and then furrows his brows at me with his Shackora Dragon stare he needs to obey my orders, stepping out of the room and shutting the door behind him.

When the door is shut, I stick my tongue out at the door and then smile.

I always win, fucker. Muhahaha!

No, Alex hasn’t seen me. I’ve done it in a sneaky way. Ha-ha! Oh yeah….

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