Chapter 52 – It’s From The Past…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 52


“Alexa! You’re back! I had a dream! And it’s true! You’re back!”

I turn my stare at him with a bright smile and Mr. Danger doesn’t give up on the kiss, taking my cheek for it.

Asahi is beaming with some glamorous big blue eyes, using a mix of Japanese and English words to speak to me, dressed in a green satin pajama, barefoot, and with a messy raven-hue hair.

He’s Asian in features, but he’s got the touch of European, and the combo is dashing, making him ravishing as a boy. He’s going to break some hearts, if not a lot of them, when he’ll grow into a teen and a man, like his now daddy. Ha-ha!

He’s put on weight during this month, not looking skinny and malnourished as he’s been. He’s looking healthy and happy, the right way for his age. Mr. Danger took good care of him. And he’s relaxed, with no suffering in his baby boy eyes. It seems that talking to Riley and being with him has helped him a lot to put the past behind and embrace a new life. Well, he’s at a young age and it’s easier at some levels to do so. Not always, but he seems to adapt faster.

Mom is gonna be on cloud nine to hear she’s a grandma too…. Ha-ha! Yeah, she’s gonna love the hell out of him. As I do. Dad? Let’s say he’s going to take him in a lot of hunting adventures to teach him real life and how to nail a target like a pro. Muhahaha! Yeah, he took yours truly as well since a young age. I know all the shit needed around hunting and stuff. Obviously…. Ha-ha!

He’s running towards me, and he clashes in a big hug, with Riley breaking into laughter, ruffling his hair.

“Had a dream, huh?” Riley is shaking his head at him, and he’s got a strong nod in response.

“Alexa? You’re alright now, right? You look so good and you’re not cold anymore!” He’s checking me out with his little hands, now taking my hands into his to see if they’re cold still.

“I’m alright now, baby. Just in need of food and rest for a while. But I’m back and running.” I’m caressing his hair and smiling at him, and he releases a sigh of pleasure and satisfaction for the good news.

Yes, I’m speaking in Japanese with him to not make him confuse something. But he’s using same mix of Japanese and English words. I guess he’s using the English words he’s been familiarizing with so far.

“Heard you’re Alex now, huh?” I’m caressing his left arm, staring into his delicious baby eyes and he’s staring back at me, with a broad smile on his face and twinkles in his eyes.

“Yes! Riley helped me chose it after your name! And I love it! Well….” He’s scratching the side of his head, in a thinking pose of his brows, looking a bit down the floor.

“It also starts with the letter A as my name, so….” He returns his eyes into mine. “It’s a perfect match!” And he jumps in another hug on me, tightening me.

I’m laughing, hugging him back. He’s adorable and lovable.

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