• April 30, 2022

Chapter 51 – Born Out Of Pain And Suffering…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 51


“What’s the matter, baby?”

I’m swallowing the beef soup with difficulty, squeezing my eyes, and Riley is getting into the freaked-out mode again from across the table.

Well, after a passionate, deep, and taking my breath away kiss of I don’t know how long it went, we came downstairs for me to eat something. Barely, because Mr. Danger is having the heats for the fucking of his soul out of him, but his style, not mine. I almost slapped him…. He came back to his senses when my stomach practically howled and growled at him. Ha-ha!

He gave me another set of white satin pajamas with a similar robe and some slippers to wear. I almost killed him while dressing up. Why? Well, I had to take off the towel robe and how I was all naked under it, and how he didn’t budge to go and give me privacy, I had a lot of showing ‘skin’, and grabbing from his part for some more kisses and feeling of my person was present. He’s so fucked…. And I don’t care. Muhahaha!

Well, I’m with all the nasty effects on me from what I had, so sex and love aren’t quite a priority or a thought to me right now. I’m not needy on that. Obviously. And how I’m not usually such a person with the need for sex and such, you can understand I’m on repellent mode against him on that. Poor baby danger…. He shouldn’t have married my ass because of many reasons. Ha-ha! 

“Nothing. It’s been a month. I’m all stuck inside. It takes a while till I…recover on that.” I’m eating liquid food, but it’s still fucking hard to eat it and then to feel how my stomach is having problems on digesting it. Yeah, well….

As I said before, I too have weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, in any way. It counts how you overcome shit, not if you have it. The having it part is ‘normal’, the overcoming of it is ‘special’ and upgrading you to a stronger version. Yup.

I’m taking another spoon of soup and my stomach is between starving and clenching in pains for another income.

Yes, my stomach, throat, and all that, need to re-adapt to ‘normal’ things. It hasn’t been a day of being dead…. It’s been a fucking month. So, I’m in pains of hunger and in pains of not being quite able to fucking swallow. Sweet.

“Should I call the doctors, honey? You’re changing colors at face….” He’s standing up from his chair and coming to me.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll take it slower and…it will work out.”

He’s dragging a chair to place it next to mine and I’m again shutting my eyes with a knot in my throat to swallow.

Fucking shit…. I’m fucking starving and I can’t eat! UGH! Such a nice life I’m having…. Awesome.

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