Chapter 48 – I’m Consumed By Guilt…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 48


“ALEXA! IT’S ETHAN! DON’T KILL HIM! WAKE UP! IT’S NOT SEIJI! ALEXA! COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES! ETHAN! ALEXA!” Klaus’s desperate and hurt voice snaps me out of what my brain is producing before my eyes right before I intend to move my hand on Seiji’s throat and break it.

What the fuck is happening? It’s not…. It’s not Seiji? Ethan? Oh my fucking God!

I see Ethan going purple in my hand with his hands trying to put some room between my hand and his neck for him to get some air, but my grip is a fucking death trap on anyone’s throat once I take hold of it, especially on one like him who’s not that trained in fighting and endurance. He’s mainly a fucking doctor, not an agent.

My breathing from utter control is ragging and I release him right in time for him to gasp for air.

He slips down the floor, coughing to almost throwing up because of how I’ve handled his neck.

I’m looking at my right hand as it’s starting to shake upon realizing of what I was doing, wanting to kill a bad person but instead it was an innocent one, and I now have the clarity that Riley has been holding me from my back and attempting to take me off Ethan.

“Oh…. No…. I’m…. I’m so sorry, Ethan…. I didn’t…. I wasn’t…. I didn’t see you! Are you alright?” I’m shaking my bones out, with my eyes filling with tears and my heart now rebelling for what could have happened and how I’ve hurt poor Ethan.

“I’m…good. Don’t…worry.” He’s coughing bad. “I know you…didn’t do it intentionally. Man…. I sure don’t want…to do something bad…. In this life…. And have you…punish me for it. Ha-ha!” Poor guy is genuinely amused though he has almost lost his life under my hand.

Ethan? Well, he’s Ethan Gonzales with Mexican origins. A brilliant doctor himself, in his late thirties. He’s also a tall and ripped in muscles guy, but not like Riley and his men and mine. He has basic fighting skills as a regular man, not at our level though, obviously. He’s with amber eyes and a dirty blonde, short hair, a dashing, sexy doctor.

I’m looking around with Riley’s left arm wrapped around my waist, receiving his thundering heartbeats and his heaving chest on my back.

The fucking room is turned upside down. The bed is broken on one side. All equipment is thrown and broken around the room. Klaus is getting up with a running nose on blood. The other doctors are pulling themselves up from the floor, also kind of hurt but not with something major.

Basil and Randy are with their clothes a bit ragged and hit at their faces. And there’s also Jasper and Sean who weren’t inside the room before all this. Jasper is shaking his head, standing, and Sean is collecting himself from the floor, spitting blood.

It seems that Basil, Randy, Jasper and Sean, with Riley of course, have been the ones taking a stand against me to protect the doctors from what I was seeing and acting.  Fortunately, I haven’t badly damaged or killed anyone. Ethan is the one having the worst state out of them because I aimed his neck…. But he’s recovering. Thank God for that….

“Fuck, boss. That’s been a hell of a training…. Ha-ha!” Jasper smiles at me and he’s now laughing like a lunatic with a throw of his head at his back.

“I said she’s gonna be serving when all is gonna be over, man…. Ha-ha! Shit….” Sean is also laughing, but he’s more hurt. It appears he got more from me than the others.

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