Chapter 45 – I’ve Never Had It This Bad….|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 45


That’s why I’m starving…. It’s been one month…. Jesus Christ…. It has never happened to have it this long. I can’t understand what the fuck I’ve been given. I had enough serums on bord to counterattack potential harmful ones and to regenerate my body in case of deep injuries and life-threatening. But this happened. Maybe they wanted me dead this time? It may not be Walt this time…. Maybe I’m mistaken over his involvement. Yakuza is for sure behind this one way or another. But who’s connected to them in this? It’s someone outside of Yakuza ordering that. Someone with issues against me, knowing me from way back. Whoever the fucker is, he knows all of me to be this precise with a new toxin to nail me into such death state and for so long. Well, I do have a hoard of enemies along the years. It could be anyone. Maybe Walt is involved with a new person. The fuck I can think that deep right now. I’m fucking hungry and the throwing up thingy is coming back…. Shit….

“Baby?” Riley is cupping my face with his left hand and kisses my cheek as I’ve been drowned into thinking upon the shock with the news of one month being fucking dead, moving my eyes into his.

I’m gulping the flooding saliva in my mouth because of the throwing up sensation.

“Yeah. I’m sorry. I feel like throwing up.” My muscles are aching and I’m slipping into shivering and headaches at this point. My stomach is rambling in suctions…. I feel so great right now.

Before he says something in reply, as his eyes are studying my face with worry, a phone is ringing, and he moves his eyes into the direction of his nightstand.

“It’s the doctors for the four in the morning checkup and treatment….” He returns his stare at me, brushing my hair. “You’re a bit pale now. Want me to take you to the bathroom to throw up, baby?”

I shake my head.

“No, baby. I’m…good for the moment. Take the call with them and tell them I’m back and to bring their best shots to reinstate me into normality. I need the shock of shocks for this. Fucking shit….” I turn my face aside, catching up my breath. “One fucking month….”

“Don’t worry, my love. The worst is gone now. You’re back…. My baby….” He kisses my right side of the face from how I have it turned.

“Yeah. I’m back. I’m so back.”

I’m going to fuck whoever has done this to me. He’s fucking dead meat.

He sighs and after he plants another set of kisses on me, he goes and answers the phone. I’m in a bit of agony, shaking my bones out and I’m fucking famished and thirsty now.

While he’s telling one of my doctors the situation with me coming back to life and all of that, he’s covering me with the sheets and rubbing my body to give me warmth.

I’m so damn cold…. Oh…. Fuck….

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