Chapter 44 – Oh…My…God….|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 44


My heart is getting a flood of warmth and my body is regaining a special, blissful energy because of anchoring back to my reality with him. The missing pieces in my head with Mr. Danger here fall into place, and I also receive the download of all the episodes I caught while being “dead” with all his words and the baby boy and the doctor.

I cease with my fighting against him and kiss him back with tears going down my cheeks as I remember his pain and now having to put up with the crazy and amnesia stroke me upon waking up. I’m remorseful for giving him this side of me when he has waited for me to wake up and come back to him…. But it was out of my control, honestly.

I’m built in a certain way and it’s not changeable. I’m sure than when things will take more time between us, I won’t have such problems in the future regarding him if same type of event will occur.

Yet, I know him for a handful of days or so, and though I love him to pieces, it seems it wasn’t enough for my out of “death” brain to keep him in as he is for me. 

Even back at the agency I haven’t recognized him for the first time, but I did after looking into his eyes and receiving his soul’s signals. This time it wasn’t the same. I don’t why…. It’s a puzzle even for me. A complicated one to solve. But it doesn’t matter anymore, because his devastating to my heart and soul kiss has brought me back to the light of knowledge. Ha-ha! My baby danger….

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