Chapter 42 – I’ll Do It For You, Don’t You Worry…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 42


“Please, baby…. Stop torturing me…. It’s enough already. I need you to open your eyes and come back to me…. Honey? Fuck…. STOP PAINING ME LIKE THIS! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, ALEXA! PLEASE! HAVE FUCKING MERCY ON MY HEART, BABY! God…. Why am I punished like this?! What have I done wrong to get this with my baby?!”

I’m returning to hearing things around me, but with no other improvement in me, and Riley is shouting, and now raging in cry like a lunatic because I’m not coming back to my senses.

And I lose contact with my hearing and go blank, in that dark mist again, unable to even have a thought process over his pain. But my heart is crying along with him…. I don’t want to do this to him, obviously. It’s not my fault or call in all this…. Oh God….

Now, I’m hearing him again. His voice is exhausted….

“I don’t know what to lie to mom anymore, honey…. It’s been a long time. And now she’s angry with me because she’s not stupid to buy all my lies about you. She’s high on her blood pressure…. I’m miserable without you…. Your doctors said it has never lasted this long with you. Whatever those fuckers injected you with this time, it’s fucking working for their side. Look at for how long you’re like this…. My baby…. I love you so damn much, Alexa…. So much….” He’s crying now.

And the same as before, I can’t think or continue hearing anything, but I’m as devastated inside as he is….

A hurricane of images and people come before my mind’s eyes, from different cases, Hanna again, Quincy, Seiji, Daisuke, Hiroshi, Benjiro, Dao, and the little Japanese boy I’ve saved, and my heart gets something similar to small explosions, with my head contracting, and my blood rushing a fire down my veins, enveloping my cold body with warmth, popping my eyes without control.

My breathing is low and I’m silent as it’s dark in the room I’m in, laying on a bed, a comfortable and wide bed.

The moonlight is penetrating inside, and I move a tad my stare to evaluate where I am. It’s a bedroom. I’m not in a hospital. And the bedroom seems a king size one with some deluxe everything.

I can’t see that clearly, but at least I’m not seeing in red, so my eyes should be my natural, normal ones this time. I move my head, slowly, at my right, still adapting to my body inside as I’m so fucking numb, laying on my back.

I see I have an IV in my right wrist and I follow it with my stare till the bag which has the regular rosy serum, half of content, that I usually receive when I’m like this. No, I’m not plugged to monitors or any of that. Just the IV.

Where the fuck am I? Jesus…. I feel like throwing up…. And my head is like I’ve been shot by a machine gun. I can’t describe how my fucking heart feels…. Oh…. Please…. No throwing up till I can fucking stand or something…. Please, God….

I perceive something hot, burning over my abdomen, and kind of heavy, but not so, and my eyes lower, trying to focus my vision to see through the blur I’m having and with all the darkness inside. I’m wearing a white satin robe by the looks of it, and there’s a sturdy, naked male arm and hand over my abdomen.

I now hear a heavy and a tad delayed breathing at my left.

Someone is on the bed with me and sleeping…. WHO THE FUCK IS THIS FUCKER?! MOTHER OF JESUS! I’LL MURDER HIM! And I’m not yet in control over my body to react…. FUCKING SHIT! Come on, Alexa. Gather your fucking juices and kill the fucker for the audacity to do this to me while I’m like this! Oh! Dead! So dead whoever the fuck he is!

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