Chapter 41 – I Promise, Shackora Dragon… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 41


“Let’s get the fuck out of here, my love.” He’s looking with a tremendous suffering in his eyes on my chest, taking off his suit jacket, and now dressing me with it.

I’m getting hits in my head from the forced recovery and my breathing is again heavier, with my body aching as I’m under feels of my inside injuries, and I’m containing a moan for that.

I’m blocked with my stare at him and at his moves on me, unable to put one with one together, because his being is both stirring up my heart towards him and my brain to my duties and next actions I need to perform.

So, I’m not having any reaction yet, though I’m in pain to see him so worried and fucked because of me. To me, all I’m having is ‘normality’ to some degrees, but I understand his point of view at the same time.

The moment he scoops me in his arms bridal style, as I’m barefoot and all that, I come back to reason of what’s happening and his wants.

“What are you doing?! No! Put me down! I’m not going anywhere you’re having in mind! Don’t make me hit you, Riley!”

He’s silent, an angry God, walking with me down the hallway with his men grouping behind him, ignoring me now!

“Randy? Take that kid with us. I’ll assume guardianship over him from now on. He’s not alone in this world. He’s got us.”

Yes, the kid is calling after his mommy, crying, but luckily, he hasn’t seen the current me to get the scare of his life more than he already had because of his mom and the rest of events. Poor little baby…. I wouldn’t have minded if I died for good to save his life. I’ve already done it without second thoughts.

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