• April 30, 2022

Chapter 40 – I Never Die All The Way… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 40


I wake up inside with a set of doctors around me, getting busy on me to get out the bullets. Several bullets are still in me. However, my heart isn’t beating on the monitors yet, but I can comprehend things around me and hear their talk. Yeah, strange all this for you guys to understand, I get it. But I’m not normal, that’s true.

“We need to prepare her for the trade. Daisuke and Hiroshi will get her out through the back after they eliminate her men and the kid.”

When one of them mentions the kid, the entire scene with the kid since my ears gasped his cry, till the moment I’ve collapsed on the ground with my hand on him, rolls before my mind’s eyes.

Same cry I seem to perceive somewhere through the walls. And it’s same kid’s voice but way tired and frightened. I’m sure one of my men is with him to protect him, though.

To prepare me for the trade…. Daisuke…. Hiroshi…. Betrayed…. Eliminate my men…. And the kid…. To take me out…. I can’t feel my body…. I can’t move…. Not even my fucking heart isn’t on the monitors…. What the fuck is happening to me? Am I really dead this time? That can’t be happening. I took the extra shots at the hotel before leaving, just to be sure. It should pump me back to life the soonest. Come on, Alexa…. FUCKING DO SOMETHING! They won’t shoot my men and the kid if I go out and they see me. They will keep cover over their deeds. But I need to take out my ass from here first! And that kid…. I saved him from there sending me into fucking death, and now I have him back on the line with death. FUCKING GREAT! AND HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE HERE, IN SUCH AN AGENCY! But no…. They FUCKING BETRAYED! Oh…. I’ll rise from here, and when I’ll be out, Hiroshi is first to deal with my wrath. He’s fucking dead…. ALL OF THEM!

I’m straining myself to move something at me, because I’m feeling the smell of some substances which shouldn’t enter in me. They’re “preparing” me to not wake up and go killer mode against the ones ordering this with me.

“Two more bullets and we’re done with that. Still no heartbeat processes. She’s bad, really bad this time.”

Oh yeah, I’m bad. So bad. And I’ll be hellish when I do wake up. You four fuckers are first to go bye-bye.

No, I have no Riley, no husband, no nothing on that line on my mind. My mind doesn’t even remember him, not his face, not his…everything with me, nor my love for him. He’s too short notice for my brain to take him into consideration.

Why? Because he’s not part of the recent events, as in being a victim or a threat to eliminate, for my brain to consider him as it does with my men and the little boy. I do have selective memory when coming back from such a situation. Meaning, it’s only connected to the case at hand and its victims.

Who’s got no involvement for the bad side, is clean and all that, my brain crosses him or her out and doesn’t take it into consideration but only for the moments when an info would be important and related to that person.

So, no Riley present in my brain equation at this point. Don’t judge me, guys, I do love the baby bastard, but what do you want from me sitting in the arms of death with only my ears and brain active?

Something is happening outside, and the kid is crying louder and louder, and I’m hearing Sean raging on a doctor who has come out from this room to him.

Fuck! I need to come back fast! They’re going to start against Sean, the boy, and the others! And Sean may or may not have noticed the situation with their betrayal and siding with Yakuza. They only have orders to not touch me further and more than I already am, but with you guys? You’re on the permanent death line for what they care.

I’m concentrating on the boy’s scream of cry, assessing in my head how the doctors are positioned around me because I’m going to kill them, yes. Their death sentence is sealed from my part.

Don’t worry, they don’t care either if the ones outside go die, so why should I spare them when they’re weakening even a dead person like me with substances to keep me dead till they pass me to whoever in the Yakuza has ordered this, as yes, it’s Yakuza involved.

“Wow! Her flesh is starting to recover…. And it’s fast…. First time seeing her and like this. This is amazing…. Look at this…. But no heartbeat still.” The doctor at my left says to another with sheer surprise and infatuation to see on me how my body is working the injuries.

“Did you give her the Arathared shots? She mustn’t wake up before the transfer or we’re dead. She won’t spare us.”

You’ve got that right, buddy-fucker.

“She’s got the sixth sense to see evil or wrong doings in a person.”

You’ve got that right as well, buddy-fucker. And now, I’m going to fucking kill you!

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