Chapter 39 – The Ghost Is Blood Thirsty… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 39


I want to make the step to my baby, whom I don’t see yet because she’s still in that room, and I want to scream after her because I’m under extreme pain and extreme bliss to have her back to me no matter how, but Jasper gasps my move and bars me with his left arm, whispering to me.

“No…. It’s not her now, sir. It’s not her normal self. Give her space for now and stay low. She’s on revenge mode and only recognizes us and the events leading to her death. You’re non-existent to her mind for the moment….”


I snap my wrathful and hurt stare at him and he nods with distress and affect for my baby on his face.

“The truth. Don’t interfere at all. Just watch. She’s passed the worse, don’t worry.”

We both move our stares back at the scene because my baby’s breathing is dragging, like putting her soul back into her body, and the Japanese agent with his colleagues are fucked at her image as they have her in sight, and her men are between pain to see her like that and victory she’s passed the death passage again.

I’m so fucked myself for the entire cocktail of hellish emotions possessing me because of my love…. I can’t fucking breathe right….

But my eyes are glued to the entire picture over there, waiting for what’s next from her part, listening to Jasper’s instructions as he’s not lying.

“Boss….” Sean breathes with his eyes dancing in a bit of tears at her, backing off from that Japanese agent he’s been confronting and ready to trash the hallway with.

The kid is crying without breath still, yes….

“Step…aside. All of…you. The…ghost…is back…from the dead. Wanting…. To possess….”

All her men are doing per orders from the Japanese agents and the doctor with the tablet. The main Japanese agent fucking with Sean earlier is breathing his chest out with googled eyes at her, like the rest of his men, aware of what’s next as it seems.

“S-Sylla?” She’s addressing the agent who’s having the boy with him.

“Yes, boss!”

“S-Secure the…kid. Nothing…to see…or…hear. Now!”

“Yes, boss!” He takes the kid with his face more on him and covers his ears.

“Turn around…because I’m dead…and I’m not…under official business. No one…is to…report.”

They all turn with their backs and make room to the Japanese agents and that doctor who are all shitting their pants.

My heart is smashing my chest, wanting to see her and take her in my arms…. I can’t even fucking think of anything….

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