Chapter 38 – No Signs Of Coming Back… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 38


Randy gets down the car as he has seen my Shackora Dragon facial expression and knows I’m to step down the car.

All my men do the same from all cars, including Basil, with the agents backing off seeing their faces, but all guns from the agents are pointed at my men and at Jasper who’s almost colliding with Daisuke fucker.

The moment Randy opens my door and Shackora Dragon, the fright and kind of one of the biggest ‘heads’ of Yakuza, steps down in all his glory and cold assassin gaze, Daisuke gasps at me with popped eyes, like the rest of the Japanese Intelligence agents around us.

Yes, they couldn’t see who was in the cars because they have shadowy windows. You can’t see inside the cars, but you can see out of the cars from the inside.

“Shackora Dragon?” Daisuke freezes with his eyes at me.

Jasper shakes his head and chuckles.

“Put the guns down! Now!” He orders his men.

Oh…. I was right. You all are Yakuza’s bitches, huh? YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! MY BABY!

Upon my iced and fiery dragon walk to him, he drops his head into submission before me, like the rest of his men do after putting down the guns at us.

Jasper is laughing like crazy, clapping his hands as he got it that they’re under Yakuza’s orders.

Yakuza bought these ones. Fucking traitors. And one thing I despise the most in life. Betrayal. It doesn’t matter whose side you are, but if you don’t betray your side no matter what, you’ve got my respect and help. These ones? They’re fucking dead in a few. Especially because now MY BABY is involved and their target. Fuck yes….

I stop before him, Shackora Dragon towering over him.

Randy and Basil are at my back and the rest of my men are taking their known positions, waiting for my moves to blow the assassination of them all. But Daisuke-fucker is mine.

No, the guns are on me, under my suit jacket. I don’t hold any gun. I don’t actually need a fucking weapon to explode murders with countless opponents. You don’t become Shackora Dragon if you need that…. Ha-ha!

“So you were the American wanting her, Shackora Dragon. Everything is prepared as ordered.” He’s freely speaking, with his head still down before me, considering Jasper has betrayed my baby’s side, seeing he got down from my cars and we came in here together.

An American fucker has ordered this on my baby…. Mixed with Yakuza…. I’ll swipe you all in fucking death. A painful one….

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