• April 30, 2022

Chapter 37 – You’re Under Arrest… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 37


I’m fucking devastated…. I’ve seen with Jasper everything that went on out there on his phone. From my baby, Blovin, and Sean’s lens and audio, but in a fast and forward motion of scenes as he has set it to go through it faster.

Sean saw how Dao shot her in the heart from her back while she was fighting three fuckers at the same time, like an abnormal person for a woman to keep such a fight with the speed she was having. Well, I’m like her, but you know what I mean.

The boy was crying, more like screaming in cry, on the other side, where’s the bridge from which many people commit suicide. He was crying on his knees on the ground, trying to stand up, yelling after his mommy, and that’s when my baby turned her head and saw him, receiving the bullet in her heart at the same time. He’s around six-seven years old, and kind of skinny for his age, with ragged clothes a bit.

She moved her eyes in seconds to analyze the perimeter around the boy, where fucking gunshots and fighting people were ongoing, a danger approaching the boy because there was a massive number of Yakuza men and her men, but hers were in small numbers compared to Yakuza’s.

She didn’t go down under that impact, and keeping her eyes on the boy, she shot Dao aside, head shot, and then started running through the fucking rolling bloodbath among sides, getting another three bullets in her because her vision trembled three times upon those impacts, jumped over cars on the road, and reached the boy, who was tripping to stand up all alone out there, right before a a bullet would have taken his head and killed him. That bullet was received by my baby….

I’m fucking crying inside more like that kid because of what I’ve seen on my baby…. I’m fucking broken….

From Sean’s lens, we’ve seen how she was keeping her hand on that boy at her back, shooting at threats, sending the boy to her either side at her back to engage in a physical fight with incoming fuckers, practically surrounding the boy from all corners and fighting and shooting, getting shot over shot in her, as for each shot she got, her vision trembled a bit or more.

The boy didn’t get even a fucking scratch from what we’ve seen. She kept him shielded as her dad told me she would do, but he was shit scared and crying and screaming his lungs out, obviously. Poor kid….

But, though such a small kid, in his fright and all that, he cooperated with her and clenched his hands on her clothes from where he could reach and how she was guiding him in fast moves. He understood she was sheltering him….

Yes, Sean was in a disruptive fight as well, but he would check up on her whenever he could do so. Blovin might be dead from Jasper’s assumptions because he went down during the transmission. He’s not sure though because the transmission got cut off, and Blovin might either come back to his senses after that or not.

I don’t own a heart anymore. To say it’s fucked? Nah…. That’s too, way too little to express and match the way it really is. I’m a fucking monster, a pained monster at this moment. That’s the most dangerous combination.

And Jasper is the same. He fucking cursed all the time while watching the video while I stood petrified and dying bit by bit inside, screaming the pain in my mind for what I was seeing on my baby love…. I’m bleeding inside.

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