Chapter 36 – Suffering Dragon… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 36


We’re at lightning speed with my cars to the hospital while Jasper is speaking to his big boss. My heart is under raptures and my brain in painful tornados.

I’m blocking the idea that she’s dead, concentrating on what her dad has told me about her back at my house of her stay under death and then coming back. That miracle must manifest again or I’m going to wipe out the entire fucking Japan and the entire agency she’s working for, and then kill myself. All this is settled in my mind without a turning point.

She’s in my life for a short period of time, but since meeting her to this moment she’s become my world, my life, my everything. If she’s not with me anymore, I can’t fucking live further. That much I fucking love her….

Jasper is as fucked as I am for her, but both are keeping ourselves focused on dealing with the situation and not getting loose on our emotions.

Randy is checking me up with his stare in the rear mirror from time to time, seeing my state and realizing I’m beyond a rabid dragon, knowing the war that is about to start from my side.

Yakuza doesn’t know about Rita Carter being my wife, but they’ll find out once I’m going to step on the scene. However, my baby is top priority for me now.

Mom has called me a few times, but I couldn’t take the call with her, obviously. Instead, I sent her a text message that everything is fine, that I’m with my baby, and as soon as possible I’ll call her. First time lying to my new mom….

HOW THE FUCK TO TELL HER WHAT’S GOING ON?! And if I would take the call with her, she’s not stupid, and she would sense me, no matter how much I would cover up in front of her. She’s probably already worrying because I’ve never avoided picking up her call…. I don’t even want to consider her blood pressure at this moment….

My phone is ringing again, and I fish it out from my suit jacket, breathing with difficulty, all tensed up like a fucking airplane has hit the fuck out of me.


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