• April 30, 2022

Chapter 35 – The Dragon’s Wrath… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 35


I’m so fucking angry on my baby because she doesn’t listen! When I’m saying I’ll take care of things, I fucking take care of them and all clean! Nothing like she considers! I’m dealing with this type of shit since forever! It’s not like I’m some fucking kid or a small potato mafia who doesn’t know how to work things out on all sides! I’m the fucker I am! AND SHE HANG UP THE CALL ON ME AFTER LYING TO MY FACE SHE’S STAYING OUT OF IT AND THAT SHE LOVES ME! I’M GOING CRAZY!

Leaving everything aside, she’s still not recovered. When she yelled all that at me from the bathroom’s door, she was changing colors at face! I get she’s not a weak one or someone who doesn’t know how to assess things or take uncalculated risks, because at the end of the day she’s the one she is and doing this since a long time. I get that. I’m the same.

However, that needs changing now. She’s not on her own anymore and she has strong ties to me now. It’s not her, it’s us. I’m in the mix of it now. And part of my duties before her is to keep her safe, protected, and out of any shit. I don’t give a single fuck on how experienced she is and all that. It needs to fucking stop! She’s mine now! And I never share what’s mine with anything and no one in any shape, way, or form! It’s not being overly possessive! It’s out of love and need of having her sheltered! It’s not like I’m interdicting her on not having friends, going out, or being someone on her own, if that’s what she wants, under normal business or job criteria! This is a deadly danger and she’s forcing herself at this moment after last night! I’m a versed fucker in all this and I can analyze the situation and her condition at fucking second! She’s not well at all! Whatever ounce of recovery she had, it went off the moment her mind came back to reality on the case. That instant the switch was on her!

And because I knew she wouldn’t fucking listen to me anyways, I decided to proceed with my own views and avoid aggravating her more to not have her state plummet even further because of arguments between us.

I took fucking Jasper over here with me to collaborate with their side, under their rules in this case, and solve the entire shit as soon as possible to go back to her, with a fucking doctor packed with me to check out her state as I don’t want her health to go back to that night when she needed that shot in her heart! I can’t see her like that again! I would go die as well if that fucking repeats itself!

I try calling her back, but the line is busy, and I look at Jasper to spill what her next moves would be as this fucker knows her well from the convo we had so far, till my baby has called. My guts are warning me of something bad coming up and I’m trying to ban the feeling as much as possible.

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