Chapter 34 – Bold Move… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 34


Blovin and Sean shoot down the men from outside in seconds, all three of us dodging the bullets to knock us down because we have the sixth sense to avoid dangers in the split of a second.

When I straighten myself, my left fist smashes the side window of Benjiro’s car in the back seat while Bolvin shoots down the driver and the other one from the front seats. We move fast all this time since approaching their car with ours till this moment. We’re fucking pros at this.

Benjiro-fucker is laughing with appetite in the back seat, clapping his hands, with an unholy flicker of fire in his damned brown eyes at me.

He’s muscular, double the size a Japanese would be buffed, young, in his late thirties or so, with a ruffled but neat dark brown, short hair, and not ugly at all. On the contrary. He’s wearing a styled black suit to his body’s frame, with some accessories on it like idols would have. On his left hand reigns a specific to his status ring with a tiger eye stone.  He probably has a tiger tattoo on him as well.

I’m in my lunatic stare at him, smirking, with my eyes in a bit of a frown, and now throw my chin at him.

“Glad you’re enjoying the show, Benjiro-san. Step down the car. Like now. Come on. I’ll give you the opportunity to die with honor and not fucked by a bullet just like that. I need to feel the 100 million I’ve paid. I need satisfaction, fucker. I paid heavy money, so I need to check how my bitch rolls for them.” I open my suit jacket and shove the gun back on me, with a cocky grin at him.

No, he’s not armed. But he could reach out to some gun or weapon. They are unpredictable.

“Bold move, Rita-san! Ha-ha!” He’s shaking his head. “I said I like you! Not many would have the nerve to deploy this on a Yakuza head! Ha-ha!”

“Who told you to threaten me and then fuck me over a sealed business deal, Benjiro?”

He’s opening the door, laughing without air, pleased over my ‘bold move’, and not at all pissed over the cars and his men. Not showing it at least. Pissed he is over it, but he’s more infatuated with my actions than pissed on that.

He’s down the car, towering, shutting the door with his intense glare into my eyes and a laughing smile on his lips.

“Hmm…” He’s lowering his eyes from mine to assess me, and now smirks. “Who told you to reject my offer, Rita-san? The nerve you have is….” He’s throwing his brows at me with a demented sparkle in his eyes.

“Don’t aggravate me, Benjiro-san. Step aside the car and let’s play a hot game. Without guns, without anything.” I’m disarming myself, keeping his stare with mine, throwing my guns aside at my boys and they catch them.

“Just body on body, lunatic. The way you have imagined, but with the touch of rough sensations. I’m sure you love that.” I’m moving my head per my words as I’m charging in craziness right now, and my lips have the shadow of a veritable smirking predator.

“Haven’t you had enough last night, Rita-san? Are you sure you can keep up with me and win? I saw you’re not a stray kitten. You’re a tigress. But even that is weak before a true tiger. I don’t want to hurt you, Rita-san.”

Not yet, you don’t want to hurt me. Ha-ha! Oh…. I’ll rip you off into pieces.

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